Organized Home: Copyright / Republication Policy

Organized Home: Copyright / Republication Policy

Copyright and Republication policy

Copyright Policy

All content at our site--whether articles, images or printable forms--is copyrighted, and may not be used in any form for any purpose without written permission from Threadneedle Press LLC. 

Republication Policy: Articles

Articles and/or images published at this site may not be republished on other Web sites, in newsletters or in print publications. We are subject to existing contracts that do not allow republication of our copyrighted material.

Republication Policy: Printable Forms and Gift Tags

Acceptable Non-Profit Use: Copying of our forms and gift tags for private, non-profit use (church groups, club meetings, school parties, gifts for family) is permitted, so long as the forms or tags will not be sold or offered for sale. 

Sale Prohibited: We do not permit our printable forms and gift tags to sold in any format, including electronically.  Please do not use our printable forms and gift tags as part of a product for sale or offer them for sale in any format.

Use in Course or Class: To include our printable forms or gift tags as materials supplied in connection with a for-profit course or class, please contact us for usage guidelines and to obtain a republication right.


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