You've Been BOOed! Print Halloween BOO Poem and Signs

You've Been BOOed! Print Halloween BOO Poem and Signs

Halloween BOO game poem and signs

A neighborhood Halloween game?  Yep!  It's the Halloween BOO: a "secret friend" game based on a porch drop for friends or neighbors. 

They're popping up in a neighborhood near you: "We've Been BOOed!" signs that fly from house to house. First one neighbor, then another ... and then it's your house! What's behind it all?

You've been BOOed! Welcome to the wonderful world of Halloween BOO-ing!

Have You Been BOO-ed? 

Sometimes called "Ghosting" or "the Phantom", the Halloween BOO is an Autumn take on "Secret Santa" or May baskets.

Usually seen in neighborhoods--but sometimes in the workplace--BOO-ing is a friendly tradition for Halloween fun. Will your neighborhood be next?

To start a Halloween BOO, one neighbor secretly leaves a small gift basket, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's doorstep.

The lucky BOO-ee is asked to post the sign near the door, alerting others that "We've Been BOO-ed!" That way, new BOO recruits won't leave a duplicate BOO on the doorstep.

In turn, the neighbor is asked to BOO two other households, leading to a chain reaction--and Halloween fun.

Day by day, the BOO signs proliferate. Soon, the entire neighborhood is sporting BOO signs, and everyone is guessing. Who's been booed?

How To Play The Halloween BOO Game

To start a BOO in your neighborhood, select your BOO poem and sign from the links below. Make one copy for each BOO-ee on your list. 

Make a small gift basket for each BOO-ee and add a copy of the BOO poem and BOO sign.

Here comes the fun! Deliver the BOO secretly to a friend's doorstep--and watch the BOO signs multiply! Will your house be next?

Ready? Set? BOO ... for neighborhood Halloween fun!

Print Halloween BOO Poems and Signs