House & Holidays Plan Week 3: Me and Mine Week

House & Holidays Plan Week 3: Me and Mine Week

September 12-18, 2021

House & Holidays Plan

The master bedroom can be an oasis of calm and renewal ... if it's clean, clutter-free and well-organized.  Tackle personal space this week in the House & Holidays Plan.

Properly appointed, the master bedroom can be an inviting oasis of calm in the midst of Christmas commotion--but not if it's choked and cluttered with misplaced stuff!

During Me and Mine Week at the House and Holidays Plan, we'll declutter, organize and clean the master bedroom.  Our goal:  to create a refreshing space for renewal and rest during the busy holiday season.

This week's holiday prep assignments see us focus on Christmas cards, set up a gift closet or gift box, and schedule some personal "me" time into the holiday season.

This Week's Focus: Master Bedroom and Personal Spaces

Rest, renewal and relaxation soothe the spirit and charge the soul. What's the state of your personal haven? This week, we'll declutter, clean and organize the master bedroom. Goal: to create a soothing sanctuary free from stacks and piles.

An organized clothes closet makes life easier day-by-day, and never more than during the busy holiday season. Sorting out clothing and removing clutter from the clothes closet sends the family into Fall with a spring in their step!

This Week's Household Checklist

  • Declutter, clean and organize the Master Bedroom. It's a place for rest and renewal ... if you can find the space! Tackle clutter in the master bedroom this week. Use the STOP clutter method to sort the stacks and piles. Once you've cleared the items that don't belong, clean your newly-reclaimed private space. Use the "dry room" cleaning method to deep-clean the master bedroom in record time!
  • Decorate your restorative space. Make the most of your private sanctuary! Add decorative touches--candles, scent diffusers, flowers--to make the master bedroom a pleasant place to recharge your batteries and renew your spirit.
  • Tackle the clothes closet. With cooler weather on the way, a seasonal clothes closet declutter is in order. Make room for holiday finery as you sort and toss summer's stained garments.

This Week's Holiday Prep Checklist

  • Inventory holiday cards, gift wrap, and mailing supplies. Make sure you know what you have before you buy--and shop at home first! A printable Wrap and Mail Checklist makes it easy to know what to add to the shopping list.
  • Make a Christmas card list. Pull out the address book or database, and make a Christmas card list.  Protect your wallet: prune the list, and give thought to ways to reduce the cost of sending holiday greetings.
  • Use a computer address book for Christmas cards. Harness the power of computer technology.  If your card list is still kept on paper, convert it to a computerized form.  You'll thank yourself in years to come!
  • Print address labels for Christmas cards.  If using address labels for your cards or letters, print them now.  You'll be ready to write, sign and seal!
  • Order, buy or print Christmas cards or letters.  If you'll be buying cards this year, order them now--particularly if you'll be using the popular photo cards. Will you need a family photo session? Schedule it today to avoid the November rush!
  • Plan personal pampering sessions, and add them to December's calendar. "If Mama's not happy, nobody's happy"; your mood affects the whole family.  If you find the season stressful, plan now for some personal pampering sessions.  A massage, a retreat, or even a gathering with girlfriends can be a welcome break in a busy month.
  • Set aside a gift closet or create a gift box; inventory any previously-purchased gifts. The secret of organized (and frugal) gift-givers?  A gift closet or gift box.  If you haven't already, set aside a specific place in your home to hold all bought-ahead gifts.  A gift closet inventory will let you know what you have while shopping or making out a gift list, so print one for your Christmas planner notebook.