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Spring Cleaning Checklists for a Clean House

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming, especially if home maintenance has been allowed to slide throughout the year. Doing chores as a routine is easier, but how do you remember what needs doing--and when?

To keep the household running smoothly year-round, establish a home maintenance schedule. If you're an Excel user (version 97 or later), download this free home maintenance schedule template. From

Home Maintenance Schedule

While you're there, check out this dandy printable housecleaning checklist. Pretty and practical, it'll make chores fly:

Housecleaning Checklist (for Excel 2000 or later)


Cleaning Checklist: Printable Housecleaning Schedule

Keeping a clean house ... and you're wondering. What's the best cleaning schedule to make short work of housecleaning?

Should you clean the whole house in a single day, or schedule cleaning chores each day? What about seasonal cleaning? When should you wash the windows?

Real Simple's got answers, with their Periodic Table of Cleaning. Based on Jeff Campbell's Speed Cleaning principles, and cleverly laid out as a model of the periodic table, this definitive cleaning schedule will answer your questions of when and how often to clean house.

In .pdf format, you'll need Adobe Reader to view and print:

Period Table of Cleaning


Chore Wars? Organize Chores Online!

chore busterHas the family drawn battle lines over housework in your home? Chill the chore wars in your home with Chore Buster, a free online service to organize household chores.

The premise is simple: enter people and enter chores in the easy online interface. Rate each chore for difficulty and desirability, and note how often it needs to be performed.

Chore Buster will generate fair, balanced chore lists for every member of the home, and e-mail them to you daily or weekly.