Kids and Chores: Chilling The Chore Wars

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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Cleaning methods are a frequent bone of contention between parents and chore-doing children. Mom's not unreasonable to want the kids to do things her way, but a too-strong insistence on "the right way" can add another element of conflict and resistance to this issue.

To teach, one must first learn. To speed family cleaning sessions, find the best and fastest way to get the job done.

Professional cleaners complete their jobs in a fraction of the time taken by amateur home managers. To do so, they use efficient cleaning methods. Read all about them in our article, Speed-Clean Tips From Cleaning Pros.

This is one area where parents and kids agree: faster is better where housework is concerned!

Stay the Course

At the end of the day, there's bad news and good news on the issue of kids and chores.

Bad news first: chore wars will always be with us. No matter how smooth, efficient or well-thought-out your family housework plan, the job of reconciling children and housework will never disappear entirely. It's simply not in children's nature to prefer scrubbing toilets to playing games on the Wii. On this issue, you'll always have to stay the course.

The good news? There can be great joy working with children to manage and clean a home.

The joys vary with age.What parent can resist a preschooler's pride when he first sets the family dinner table, crooked cutlery and all?

Raking leaves with a grade-schooler is a great time to find out what's really going at school.

Working together to change the oil in the car can lubricate scratchy parent-teen relationships, too.

Make a home for your children with your children. These aren't just chores we're talking about! This is life itself.

Who better to share it with than the little people you love?