New Year Cleaning Challenge: It's Bathroom Week!

clean and organize the bathroom

Day 43 of the New Year Cleaning Challenge

It's a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: we're headed to the bathrooms to bring them to a new level of order.

It's where we shower and shave, primp and prepare for the day. Are your bathrooms up to the job?

We'll tackle clutter, create a new level of clean, and organize bathroom storage this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Today's Assignment:
Bathroom Week

It's the hardest-working room in the house: the bathroom. With limited space, water sources, and family members competing for scarce storage space, it can be challenging to keep the bathroom clean and organized.

This week, we'll work hard to cut clutter in the bathroom, and to find new ways to store and organize personal care items. The week sees us deep-clean shower stalls, tubs, sinks and toilet areas, and investigate new ways to keep the bathroom clean.

Ready? It's Bathroom Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Bathroom

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Bathroom Cleaning Checklist