New Year Cleaning Challenge: The Magic of Menu Planning

Menu Planning

Day 27 of the New Year Cleaning Challenge

How to save on grocery bills, week in and week out?

Hint: the answer isn't couponing. It's not refunding. It's menu planning.

Smart shoppers know that the menu planning process keeps costs down at the supermarket--and cuts time in the kitchen each day. Today, we'll review the basics of menu planning in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Ready? Set? Plan!

Today's Assignment:
Brush Up on Menu Planning Basics

During Kitchen Week, we've worked hard to declutter, clean and organize food preparation and storage areas. Today, we'll review one of the best ways to keep the kitchen running smoothly day after day: menu planning.

Do you have a menu planning routine ... or is your approach more casual? If so, it's time to take a look at the money- and time-saving advantages of menu planning.

We've got all the basics, and a few advanced bells and whistles, too, with this guide to menu planning:

Menu Planning: Save Time in the Kitchen

Ready to get started? Print a free Weekly Menu Planner / Shopping List combo:

Printable Weekly Menu Planner

Weekly Menu Planner - With Shopping List
Menu Planner - Monthly