New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 2: Haul Away the Holidays

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with the holiday season.

Is the Ghost of Christmas Past still haunting your house?

Even if decorations have been boxed and banished until next year, holiday stragglers can still circle the house for weeks to come. We've got a tip to tame these last few holiday hold-outs!

It's time to haul off the holidays, and prepare for the new year on Day 2 of the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Today's Assignment:
Plan to Pack Away Christmas

If you haven't done so already, this week is the time to take down the tree, store holiday decorations, and tuck away the season for another year.

Today, schedule time during the week for a holiday tear-down. You'll want to kick off the Cleaning Challenge without the extra burden of seasonal decorations!

But even if you've already stored holiday decor, Ghosts of Christmas Past can still roam the house.

Whether it's holiday linens in the laundry room, overlooked decorations, or clearance-aisle purchases for next year, do you have a plan for holiday stragglers?

Here's a simple solution to ensure that these last few items find a good home, fast--so they'll be easy to find next year:

Seasonal Storage Tip: Make a Holiday Stragglers Box