New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 1: It's Preview Week

New Year Cleaning Challenge

Ready to clean house for the New Year? It's Preview Week at the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Our 14-week Challenge kicks off with a transitional week, designed to put the holidays to bed and prepare for the organizing and cleaning projects ahead.

During Preview Week, we'll get the Challenge rolling, banish the Ghost of Christmas Past, and craft a personalized plan for the coming weeks.

Be it resolved: in 2016, it's time to live clean and serene ... in an organized home!

Today's Assignment:
Calendars and Reminders

Review the Challenge calendar

On this kick-off day, make a good start on your whole-house cleaning plan by reviewing the Challenge calendar. The Cleaning Grand Plan sets out a road map to a Spring-clean house, but is it the best path for you? Apartment dwellers scratch their heads when told to clean out storage in attic or basement. Multi-child families need two weeks, not one, to tackle children's bedrooms. Travel, vacations or holidays pop up to derail the week's assignments.

Here's the word from on high: that's fine! Be ready to alter the Challenge to suit your own individual circumstances. Crafting a custom plan that works for you and your household is the secret to success.

Today, review the Challenge calendar with an eye to your own needs. Be ready to alter, delete, combine or stretch the Cleaning Grand Plan to fit your preferences, your house, and your energy level.

Print the Challenge Calendars:

Choose how you'll receive reminders

In the glow of the New Year, it's easy to sign on for self-improvement programs like the Challenge. The hard part? Translating that commitment to day-to-day action.

That's where reminders come in. Each day, I'll publish a reminder message to help you stay on track.


In these daily messages, we'll talk about the basic components of an organized life, share tips on cutting clutter, and remind you of the week's goals. We'll share ideas, encourage motivation and clue you in on ways to speed cleaning chores and routines.

Today, decide how you'll receive daily reminder messages.

Whether you bookmark the Cleaning Challenge home page, subscribe to e-mail reminders from Google's Feedburner service or follow us on the Cleaning Challenge Facebook page or Twitter, you'll keep up with the Challenge day-by-day.

Follow the New Year Cleaning Challenge:

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