Track Freezer Inventory With Magnets

A freezer can be a powerful kitchen friend for food storage, menu planning and convenience, but to use the freezer to best advantage, you have to know what's inside.

Okay, so our free printable freezer inventory form isn't for everybody.

Check out this clever freezer inventory solution from blogger Lunch In A Box: refrigerator magnets.

Using magnetic freebies, color photos from the weekly food ads and a bit of creative inspiration, she's created a simple, visual reminder system to keep track of freezer contents:

magnets for freezer inventory

Magnets To Track Freezer Inventory


Ten First Steps Toward A Lighter Lifestyle

Celebrate Earth Day--and lighten your footstep on our planet--with these ten first steps toward more-sustainable living, from

We liked the idea of slaying energy vampires: those small, silent electric devices that feed on a trickle of power even when not in use. Unplug them, or invest in a power strip with an on-off button to make it easy to stop the power from flowing when it's not needed:

Ten First Steps Toward Lighter Living


Organize Finances With A Money Day

Finance blogger J.D. Roth has an intriguing concept for better financial organization: a Money Day.

Using a vacation day during the work-week (so that you'll be able to visit or call financial institututions), spend 8 hours doing all those put-it-off financial chores. On Money Day, you might set up money management software, close dormant accounts, or call credit card issuers to request lower interest rates.


Yard Sale Shopping 101: Smart Tips!

Ah, springtime! With the first day of spring, we look forward to gentle breezes, warm sunshine ... and yard sales.

Here at, we encourage holding a yard sale as a great way to cut clutter and score some cash.

Intoxicated by the season, though, it's time to share a buyer's guide. Brush up on your yard sale shopping strategies with these great tips from

Yard Sale Shopping 101


Organize Coupons With A Coupon Organizer

make a coupon organizerWith food prices on the rise, are you thinking about coupon clipping? Done right--and done organized--using coupons can add up to big savings at the supermarket.

The catch? You have to keep them organized.

Now there's help, with this how-to from Whether you use the envelope system, or create a coupon binder to sort, store and organize coupons, try these ideas to get organized for supermarket savings:


Spring Cleaning Checklists for a Clean House

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming, especially if home maintenance has been allowed to slide throughout the year. Doing chores as a routine is easier, but how do you remember what needs doing--and when?

To keep the household running smoothly year-round, establish a home maintenance schedule. If you're an Excel user (version 97 or later), download this free home maintenance schedule template. From

Home Maintenance Schedule

While you're there, check out this dandy printable housecleaning checklist. Pretty and practical, it'll make chores fly:

Housecleaning Checklist (for Excel 2000 or later)


Family Mailboxes: The Launch Pad Goes Luxe!

Here at Organized Home, we love the concept of the family launch pad: a dedicated space for each family member to hold and organize everything needed to leave the house for work, school or errands.

Blogger The Abundant Life has a new and pretty take on the concept: family mailboxes. Simple wall-mounted containers for each family member are given a decor-worthy twist with personalized photos--and are a great way to keep paperwork and reminders organized and ready for use.

We like the teamwork-friendly aspects; cleaning chore lists and phone messages find a home, while coloring pages and occasional treats make checking the mailbox fun!

Get Organized With Family Mailboxes

family mailboxes